October 2015

“Step it Up” for Hanover Park

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The Story

Churches do not exist for themselves, but for the sake of their communities. We the members ofChrist Presbyterian Church believe this so strongly that over the past 40 years the building that was originally designed to hold Worship Services and Sunday School has also become an important resource for the people of Hanover […]

CPC at Maxwell Street

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Our congregation participated in Maxwell Street this fall. Here you will find some information.

September 2015

Feed My Starving Children

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Every year, our ministry visits Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg, IL.

Laurel Hill School (LHS)

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     On Thursday, August 13, the 200 boxes and pencil baskets were brought to Laurel Hill School and distributed to the teachers who had requested them.

Front-loading desks are inherently difficult to keep organized because items get shoved to the back and you can’t find what you need easily.  The concept of the large flat […]