The Senior High Retreat took place Nov. 6-8 at Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  There were about 96 young people attending, and Covenant HarborChrist Church brought 9 of them!  Alex, Yaw, Christian, Will, Briana, Emma, Rafaella, Cassie, McKenzie   It was an awesome time!

Great speaker (Leanne) – she seemed to really understand us.  I really liked her.  I liked the fact that she shared stories about her own life.  (She and her husband have a baby – furry with four legs.)

Great music (Alex) – he had a great voice and could really make the guitar come alive.  I liked the variety of music, I knew a lot of the songs and learned some new ones.

Great place – a great view of Lake Geneva.  Hills and trails for walking.  Brisk, sunny weather.  The girls stayed in a nice, fresh-smelling, modern building (the boys – not so much J)

A powerful message throughout the weekend:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13


High Fives to:

The Presbytery of Chicago (POC) for offering a senior high and a middle school retreat each year so that our youth will be encouraged to gather and learn with other young people.


And High Fives to:

Christ Church for supporting these efforts by allocating funds to help parents pay for the cost of these retreats.