We are never done discovering what it means to follow Jesus Christ and live the life of faith! So we are committed to providing multiple opportunities for people of all ages to continue to learn from the Scriptures, be nurtured in their faith, and grow in their knowledge of God and love of neighbor. These opportunities include…

Children’s Sunday School: Sunday School Classes for children 3-18 are offered from 11am-12 pm during the School Year (September through May). Children ages 3-11 learn the stories of the Bible Stories through song and activities led by their respective teachers. Youth 12-18 discuss questions about the life of faith centered on the Sunday’s teachings, Scriptures, or current events. Number of classes offered varies by year according to age distribution of children and youth.

Adult Christian Education: Christian Education classes are also offered from 11am-12 pm during the School Year (September through May). Adult Education includes in-depth bible-studies, discussion of difficult questions in the life of faith, practice of different spiritual disciplines and more.

Small Groups and Bible Studies: Seasonal small groups and bible studies are formed throughout the year for continued nurture and growth. A Presbyterian Women’s Bible Study runs September-May on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

New Member’s Classes: New Member’s Classes are offered once a year during the Fall for those wishing to make a formal commitment to the life of our congregation. Potential New Members learn about our Christian beliefs, our Presbyterian heritage, the life of our community and the sense of Christian vocation. Anyone wishing to join our congregation sooner than the regular offering may also request a New Member’s Class to be formed.

Confirmation/Catechumen Class: Teenagers who have been baptized as small children (or not yet baptized) are invited to participate in a mentor-based confirmation program to help them own their own Christian faith. The program runs for five months and ends with the public profession of faith of each teenager. Confirmands who have not been baptized are called “catechumens’’ and are baptized upon their public profession of faith.

Retreats: We encourage our youth to participate in the annual retreats sponsored by the Presbytery of Chicago each year. Junior high youth have their retreat in January. Senior High youth have their retreat in November.