This year the Co-Moderators of the PCUSA have encouraged all congregations to read the book“Waking Up White” by Debbie Irving in order to 71PLfElTOaLhelp us have deep and honest conversations about our identity, our heritage, and what it means for each one of us to love our neighbors. It is the story of a white woman from Boston trying to navigate the racial tensions that seemed part and parcel of her life in a diverse environment and what she discovered about herself, her history and the experiences of others. We will be thinking about the questions the book raises in different ways.
*The Adult Christian Education Class will use it through their conversations in Lent (March 1-April 15)
*We will encounter stories from the book in sermons throughout Lent
*Pastor Lisa will offer a “Q &A with the Pastor” time each Tuesday evening through Lent for anyone to drop in at church and talk about the experience of reading the book (and what the Scriptures have to say too).
Please pick up your copy from the office as soon as you can and start readingRead even if you don’t know if you will make it to the class or coffee time. Books have been highly subsidized for us, so we are only asking for a $5 donation, if possible, for each book.
Happy Reading and Discussing!